A recent visit from Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Guo Jinlong to Cuba included a presentation of acrobatics from China and The Chinese Dragon performed by the women’s percussion orchestra Red Poppy of Beijing along with young Cubans including the University of Havana Confucius Choir and the Habana Comás dance troupe. - See more at:

The Governments of Jamaica and Cuba have inked an agreement, which will see Cuban specialists in movie animation and high quality art and craft coming to the island to impart their knowledge to local youths. The ‘Youth and Cultural Exchange’ agreement will be implemented as a pilot before the end of this year.

Several more companies have received licenses to operate people-to-people cultural exchange programs to Cuba. San Diego-based Classic Journeys offers 10 departures from June 29 to April 5. A seven-night guided tour includes visits with artists in the Luyano area in Havana; an exploration of Habana Vieja, the Unesco World Heritage Site; countryside walks in the Vinales Valley west of Havana; and meetings with farmers and students.

In spite of some yet not explained journalistic discrepancies, Sanchez’s public image can be easily compared to the profitable company - such as Bacardi Rum which is easily recognizable for its black bat appearing in the company logo, so too is Sanchez who is considered to be a known brand of the Castro’s opposition.This generally accepted label allows her to shape the public opinion to a large extent. On a more specific level, she has succeeded in expanding the like–minded audience for quite some time now.

Yoani Sanchez, the most famous Cuban blogger who advocates for the freedom of speech, is a distinct critic of the Castro’s administration. Although a recognizable figure around the globe, she has never been able to travel; yet, after twenty previous denials Sanchez was just granted permission to leave the island for the first time. Even though this fact itself constitutes a solid basis for assuming that a smaller part of Fidel’s legacy is disappearing silently, it is important to realize that a demure dissident ghost is present in each of Yoani’s actions.

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting has released a new smartphone application that makes accessing accurate news and information easier for Cubans, who live in one of the least free press environments in the world...Additionally, the free app will be useful in getting information off the island.

This month, the Brazilian government announced plans to employ some 6,000 Cuban doctors as part of an effort to strengthen Brazil-Cuba bilateral ties. In an email interview, John M. Kirk, a professor at Canada’s Dalhousie University...explained the history of Cuba’s medical diplomacy and its importance to Cuba’s slowly reforming economy.

Case studies on public diplomacy with adversarial states.