On October 6th, the Cuban Interests Section (aka the Cuban Embassy) will launch a clever bit of public diplomacy by opening "Hemingway's Bar." And what is as interesting is that the Cuban national historical landmark, the Finca Vigia...will be providing educational and cultural exhibits and material about Hemingway's work and life during his two decades living in Cuba.

When the first Americans to participate in people-to-people exchanges with Cuba in 7½ years leave Miami on a Marazul charter Thursday afternoon, the central Virginia couple will be aboard. They want to meet the people who go with the music and cigars, said Liane Young.

Sports have always been an effective tool for fostering cross-cultural awareness and breaking down ideological stereotypes. Consider this: Between 1955 and 1985 the U.S. State Department issued on average 1,700 visas a year to Soviet athletes, artists, scientists and students in a policy of “soft power” diplomacy.

Globally, Yoani Sánchez’s blog, is available in a score of languages and gets up to 14 million visits a month. Within Cuba, though, the dictatorship of Fidel and Raúl Castro has from the start sought to silence her and prevent other Cubans from reading what she calls her “little vignettes of reality.”

Uniting families and promoting cultural exchange by ensuring opportunity to travel for all citizens should become a priority for all nations. Less political posturing and more "people to people" interaction through tourism is good for the future of humanity.

In a rare cross-cultural collaboration, two classical-music groups from Cuba and the United States will engage in a multiyear partnership that will include American musicians performing in Havana.

The news transmitted by the U.S. government to Cuba via Radio/Television Martí is keeping pace with the times in its use of social networks and multimedia platforms. Internet, Facebook, Twitter and text messaging are the latest media being used to aid the free flow of news to the island.

“We need to learn about each other's cultures. The Almendra band plays traditional Cuban music, Salsa, Guaracha, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Bolero. We are here to learn about Zambia's tradition, heritage and custom because we are brothers and sisters who share the same history.