A look at the role of food in tourism, nation branding, and more.

Kimchi in space. The Kimchi Bus. Government-sponsored chefs and restaurants spreading the word of Kimchi around the globe. South Korea is one of the nations most involved in branding itself through its food, using food as a part of it’s “soft power.” It’s called “Gastrodiplomacy” — the use of food as a diplomatic tool to help resolve conflicts and foster connections between nations.

Red Round Tomatoes, by Anonymous

A recent conference exemplifies Italy's famed gastrodiplomacy.

Bringing Ethiopian food and traditions to the tables of South Los Angeles.

A popular restaurant, which sells Indian and Pakistani cuisine and the idea of peace between the not-so-friendly neighbours right at the international border between both countries, will showcase its food at an international food event in Paris next month.

Wodonga Senior Secondary College’s multicultural peer support students will hold a cultural exchange fundraiser night in Tawonga [...] Organised by students from a variety of backgrounds, all are welcome to come and delve into the students’ culture through food, music and dance. Donations received from the community will go towards Jan Fallon's fundraiser for the Tumaini Miles of Smiles Orphanage in Kenya. 

An exchange between the infinitely rich cultures of Cuba and Harlem is surely a marvelous idea. Afro-Cuban jazz was born in Harlem, the uptown neighborhood has been home to generations of immigrants from the Caribbean country and it shares a history with the island nation.