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What propels Islamist terrorism and attacks against France is more than an academic debate: The answer shapes policy toward blunting the threat. So it is no inconsequential matter in a culture under attack, and one that so cherishes its intellectual debates, that France’s two leading scholars of radical Islam — former friends — have turned bitter rivals over their differing views.

Farhang Foundation

Iranian cultural promotion in "Tehrangeles."

“A World in Crisis—How Can Smart Power Make a Difference?” will focus on the diplomacy tools countries can use to improve international stability, [...] “It’s the cluster of things which make up soft power,” he said, “whether that’s public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, cultural relations, nation branding—whateever you want to call it—and how it can be used effectively.”

CPD is pleased to announce the release of 2015’s first CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy, titled "Distinguishing Cultural Relations from Cultural Diplomacy: The British Council's Relationship With Her Majesty's Government."

February 25, 2015

In November last year, artists from India and China got together at Diggi Palace in Jaipur for a week-long art residency project called ‘Maitri’. It was a cultural dialogue to promote peace using art as a tool.

In Washington D.C.’s Chinatown, a nonprofit called the The Wong People Association, trains community members every year to perform the traditional lion dance during new year festivities.