cultural understanding

A group of Middle East high school students on an educational tour is not a common sight in South Korea, more often visited by tourists from its two neighbors China and Japan....Thanks to a cultural exchange program organized by Shin Joo-ho, son of a South Korean diplomat previously based in Jordan, they came to Seoul on July 23 to learn about the country.

OFL is an educational field study programme that brings together students from Qatar, the greater Middle East and Western countries to enhance cultural understanding through studying ocean conservation and science under the theme of “One World, One Ocean.”

Trips to Turkey for Americans organized by the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians and the Atlas Foundation are more than just another vacation. These US-based organizations strive to provide a deeper, more accurate understanding of Turkey by offering foreigners a unique cultural immersion experience.

We all share a deep belief in the ability of people from different backgrounds and experiences to find common ground if they just have the opportunity to sit together and talk. Simple interactions can have enormous power.

Cricket diplomacy between Pakistan and India has seemingly opened floodgates for other sports as well as a strong Indian judo squad is expected to feature in the South Asian Judo Championship penciled in for May 9 to 14 in Islamabad.

These musicians are a part of the 10 jazz, hip hop and American roots ensembles that have been chosen by The Rhythm Road to travel as cultural ambassadors for the 2011 season. Selected ensembles tour internationally with The Rhythm Road to foster cross-cultural understanding through their music.

In seven months on loan from the British Museum to the National Museum of Iran [the Cyrus Cylinder] has been seen by more than a million Iranians. MacGregor believes that the cylinder -- and objects like it -- can do what politicians often fail to do and bring antagonistic countries closer together.

Tunisia and Ishinomaki, one of the hardest hit towns, have over the past two decades developed a strong bond, albeit an unusual one in being between a country and a small town. Ishinomaki has named three streets after Tunisia, and as one Japanese blogger put it, the relationship is like "true love between lovers hailing from different classes."