czech republic

Xi Jinping’s three-day stopover in Prague on his way to Washington [...] Xi’s visit to the Czech Republic deserves some attention as it indicates Beijing’s approach towards the EU in general. It also offers insight into the limits of Beijing’s soft power, relying mostly on economic incentives and undermined by its own sense of insecurity.

At the invitation of President Milos Zeman, I will be paying my first state visit to the Czech Republic as the Chinese President. I look forward to having in-depth exchange of views with President Zeman and other Czech leaders on boosting bilateral ties and on major international and regional issues.

It also launched a presidential committee to set and implement detailed goals and action plans. The 22-strong panel now chaired by art director Pyo Jae-soon held its first meeting with newly appointed members on Dec. 16. Park, for her part, has proven to be the nation’s top culture ambassador herself on the world stage. 

Stacy and Kevin Schworm’s Christmas dinner this year could include pig ears. [...] The Schworms are among dozens of area exchange students and hosts who will exchange more than gifts this holiday season. They’ll also exchange Christmas food traditions, incorporating a bit of each in their celebrations.

President Park Geun-hye participated in diverse events aimed at promoting Korean culture and expanding cultural ties with France and the Czech Republic during her visit to the European countries last week. [...] At a Cabinet meeting in August, the President said: "We need to discover those neglected cultural values and reinterpret them in a modern way so we can recreate our culture."

October 18, 2015

The ninth edition of the Delhi International Arts Festival opened with enchanting dance and cultural performances by national and international artistes.  [...] DIAF is seen as India’s signature arts and cultural festival which also provides a significant platform for cultural diplomacy, projecting India as a cultural powerhouse and enhancing diplomatic relations with other countries. 

Corn dogs, gravy, s'mores and squirrels — just a few of things that most Americans don't give a second thought to, but things that are brand new to some people visiting from another country.

The fifth volume of Open Europe: Cultural Dialogue Across Borders edited by Barbara Curylo, Joanna Kulska, and Aleksandra Trzcieliñska-Polus, includes a number of papers that explore the rise of new diplomatic actors, new tools used in diplomacy, and their role in humanizing international relations in Central Europe.