At 36-pages in length, the survey covers everything from the nation’s economy, society and transport to culture, architecture, agriculture, retail and urbanism..."The nation is a pioneer of sustainable energy and a world leader in architecture and urban planning..."

Today, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy released a Media Monitor Report on "Expo Shanghai 2010 - Flaunting Nations' Beauty through the Practice of Nation Branding".

June 16, 2011

A Danish prince received a royal welcome and in return charmed large crowds Saturday evening in the “Danish Capital of America”...A crowd of 600 or more filled Solvang Park for a formal welcome and a celebration of Prince Consort Henrik’s 77th birthday, which coincidentally was Saturday.

Germans are right to press for more cohesive European governance. It also might help Germany get along better with others. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse economy and preeminent political force, but lately it hasn’t won laurels for statecraft.

Most embassies in Washington do not have Facebook pages. To these recalcitrant foreign missions, I say: Get with the program. A fine Facebook page should be in every foreign government's diplomatic toolkit. The best embassy Facebook pages offer a confluence of current affairs and cultural potpourri, gently finessed for their expatriate, American, and/or young-skewing fans.

In the newly renovated spaces of the Danish Embassy in Singapore, Personal Assistant Mary Narayanan enjoys her new private office. Even though she is truly a people's person, she also likes the fact that she is now able to close the door behind her and focus on the tasks ahead.

Copenhagen remains a strong brand, but despite spending 400 million kroner on branding the country overall, the Denmark still has a lackluster image abroad...Denmark’s position on the Anholt-GfK Ropers Nation Branding Index hasn’t changed at all over the past few years.