diaspora diplomacy

Syracuse University Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars recently published the 2014 Exchange Journal of Public Diplomacy, “Public Diplomacy in Emerging Nations.” This issue aims to observe public diplomacy from a non-American perspective and through comparative studies sheds light on how PD is practiced in Mexico, Russia, India, Turkey, and China.

Indian community members across the emirates have geared up to celebrate the 43rd UAE National Day, showing solidarity to a country that is hosting more than two million Indians, the largest expatriate community here.

If you’re a Filipino residing or working abroad and feeling nostalgic about news and even music from home, or if you have concerns that need the attention of Philippine diplomats, all these are just a “push of the button” away.

The Philippine diplomatic mission has taken "a giant leap" in its efforts to reach out to the Filipino diaspora with the launch of the mobile app version of Radyo Tambuli — the embassy's virtual radio platform in Washington, D.C.

Governments face a lack of resources to meet citizen demands and collective interests at home and abroad. This project is designed to expand efforts to evaluate current policy to engage with and invest in projects with diaspora organizations, aka “diaspora diplomacy.”

The beheading of American journalist James Foley, apparently by a British jihadist, has drawn renewed attention to the dangers posed by radicalized young British Muslims. The government estimates that 500 or more British men and women have gone to fight for militant groups in Iraq and Syria, some of whom have already returned.Britain monitors its citizens on social media sites as part of its counter-terrorism strategy.

In this audio clip, CPD Visiting Senior Scholar and Director of the Center for International Communication at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, Eytan Gilboa shares his thoughts on media framing and public opinion polling as a means of successful public diplomacy practice.

Ethiopian Ambassadors and Consul generals, who gathered for the annual Ambassadorial meeting, participated on the Tigrai Diaspora day festival in Mekelle.