diaspora diplomacy

There is still time for Israel to change its course. But that is up to Israel to decide. For Jews who live in the Diaspora, however, we can also make a decision. We can decide that the choice is not between mindlessly supporting Israel in its drive to suicide and its daily practices of occupation, settlement expansion, and all the human rights violations that these necessarily imply on the one hand and silence on the other.

Netanyahu will be reaching out to the American Jewish community in a live webcast next Tuesday, reports said, addressing the agreement and its implications for Israel, the Middle East and the world. A question and answer period will follow his remarks, according to an email invitation.

What countries want from their diasporas

This new video from The Economist highlights three public diplomacy benefits that diaspora communities can offer their home countries. 

Actress America Ferrera has penned an open letter to Donald Trump in response to his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants. Ferrera has been an advocate for Latino causes and a prominent supporter of Democratic candidates for years. Her tongue-in-cheek post puts a unique spin on the uproar over Trump’s claims that “rapists” and “drug dealers” have entered the U.S. border illegally from Mexico. 

This article explores the history, functionality, achievements and challenges of Spain’s Casas network in order to assess its role as an instrument of public diplomacy. 

Communication scholars Vanessa Bravo and María De Moya have published a new article that analyzes the relationship between the governments of El Salvador and Colombia and their diaspora communities.