May 19, 2011

Many around the world see Africa as a monolith and through the prism of media and film which paint a decidedly negative picture. Google images of Rwanda show stark photos of starving orphaned children, mass slaughter and extreme deprivation.

Direct flights will bolster bilateral cooperation and open a new era in Greek-Chinese relations, Kouvelis told China.org.cn by email.
He said the flights will make leisure travel, business activity, cultural exchange easier, faster, and more efficient.

As India asserts itself within the global power dynamic, India is having a vibrant discussion about public diplomacy and how to engage in channels of public diplomacy as a means to project its emergence.

Meedan, a leading Arabic-English translation technology company announced today it is providing free Arabic translation for microloans on Kiva.org. The move will help expand the reach of Kiva and its lenders directly into the heart of the Arabic-speaking world, extending a global community of micro-lenders to include thousands of Arabic-speaking aspiring entrepreneurs.

A new social networking site that aims to connect Bahraini and American entrepreneurs was officially launched yesterday. The Entrepreneurship Portal, known as e-pad (www.epad-bh.com), is an online portal dedicated to young Bahraini and American entrepreneurs, seeking broader access to growth markets, investors and mentors in the developing world.

Renowned Australian investment banker and philanthropist Philip Wollen Wednesday said that Indian entrepreneurs can cash in on the soft power of the country to reach out to the global markets.