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I recently returned from the Middle East where I was part of a three week Arab & American Business Fellowship.

This research examined the use of public diplomacy strategies by the Russian federation and the West in order to extend or maintain a soft-power presence in what has become known as the "Russian near abroad" or Russia’s sphere of "privileged interest."

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy was proud to host CPD Visiting Scholar, Teresa La Porte, for a Conversation in Public Diplomacy. Teresa La Porte led a roundtable on the public diplomacy of the European Union, exploring how the EU communicates to member States.

Listen to this event | download .wav (339 MB)

On March 18, 2009, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed legislation overturning the state’s longstanding death penalty. The “Land of Enchantment”, as the state calls itself, joined fourteen other US states that ban capital punishment and became only the second to do so since the end of a four-year national execution hiatus in 1976.