June 21, 2017

The latest in cultural diplomacy news and events.

Marcello Dantas, a renowned Brazilian curator celebrated not only for producing exhibitions, but also involved in filmmaking and opera production, talks about Japan House Sao Paulo and his plans as its director of programming and chief curator. [...] Japan House is a place to inspire people with the contemporary ideas that Japan has developed. Those ideas can be artistic, design-focused, architectural, technological, environmental, social, political or traditional. 

The Indonesian Embassy in Moscow will again host the Festival Indonesia this year as part of economic diplomacy efforts to promote superior products and the potential of Indonesia. [...] The Festival Indonesia this year to promote superior products of Indonesia will be enlivened by among other things, business forum, products exhibition, Indonesian arts and cultural performances, and information services on Indonesia.

Air Up, by Storefront for Art and Architecture

Remembering Jack Masey, a giant in American public diplomacy.

February 21, 2016

In an age far less connected than today, the Expo was an opportunity for countries to showcase their very best, influencing the development of commerce, art and architecture, education, technology and tourism. Inventions such as the telephone, aluminium and steel were first presented at such exhibitions.

A series of cultural activities will be held in China and Qatar in 2016 as part of a "Cultural Year" between the two countries, according to the Ministry of Culture on Friday.

Professor Sarah E.K. Smith joins the USC Center on Public Diplomacy for the spring 2015 semester as the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Public Diplomacy.

October 28, 2013

The Cyrus Cylinder, a small clay object dated from the sixth century B.C.E. and covered in Babylonian cuneiform script of an imperial decree by King Cyrus of Persia, is considered by many to be a powerful symbol of cultural and religious tolerance. Its international touring exhibition, spearheaded by the British Museum, has drawn broad global attention and is, by most measures, a resounding success.