New Zealand photo by Daniel Peckham via Flickr

New Zealand's PD strategy could better highlight trade, scientific cooperation and more, writes Yadira Ixchel Martínez Pantoja.

Technology, culture and soft power come together in the desert at the 2020 Dubai Expo.

Ho Chi Minh City and the Gyeongsangbuk-do province of the Republic of Korea (RoK) will co-host the World Cultural Expo in November 2017, a biennial exchange to introduce cultures of participating countries [...] Visitors will be able to enjoy food, music performances, fashion shows, movies, and literature pieces as well as join trade and investment activities.

February 21, 2016

In an age far less connected than today, the Expo was an opportunity for countries to showcase their very best, influencing the development of commerce, art and architecture, education, technology and tourism. Inventions such as the telephone, aluminium and steel were first presented at such exhibitions.

The Taiwan International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (TICCIE) has thus seen considerable growth in the number of either participants or exhibit categories since the Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), the predecessor of today’s Ministry of Culture (MOC), proposed to arrange the annual event three years ago.

December 3, 2012

The World Expo began at the height of the Industrial Revolution and had for a long time drawn broad enthusiasm among organizers and visitors alike in the industrialized nations. It had, however, faded from popular imagination in the West.

Celebrities from home and abroad are flocking to the Yeosu Expo. The famous German rock band Juli visited Yeosu to celebrate Germany Day on June 15, followed by Dutch jazz singer and composer Wouter Hamel on June 18 on Netherlands Day.