Brazilian Embassy cultural attache Raphael Tosti de Almeida Vieira has an ace up his sleeve. (...)His ace is Brazilian music. “It’s the Brazilian soft power,” Tosti says of his country’s rich musical heritage that includes internationally beloved genres such as samba and bossa nova.

Vladek Juszkiewicz on Polish Film Festival Los Angeles at CPD

Watch this CPD video of Vladek Juszkiewicz discussing the Polish Film Festival as a Cultural Diplomacy initiative.

Crackdowns on foreign media in North Korea are a continuation of long-standing attempts by the government to suppress interest in foreign cultures.  Studies show that access to foreign media undermines state control on several levels.

The Book of Life trailer made a splash yesterday as it debuted to an Internet keen on visual spectacle and unconventional storytelling. Set in Mexico and featuring gorgeous animation, Book of Life instantly became a hit on Tumblr. Book of Life's director and creator is Jorge Gutierrez, an Emmy-winning Mexican animator and writer best known for creating the award-wining Nickelodeon series El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. Gutierrez wanted to make his film a distinct cultural product that he could share with the world.

In this podcast, Master of Public Diplomacy candidate Bryony Inge interviews Dr. Daya Thussu, international communication professor at the University of Westminster in London. 

It's easy for most of us to get behind the theme for World Intellectual Property Day this year: "Movies, A Global Passion."  From Santa Monica, where I spent almost 20 years working in the entertainment sector, to Paris, France, where I most recently served four years as U.S. Ambassador, I have witnessed firsthand people's excitement and reverence for films -- Hollywood's in particular.

Malaysian Film Censorship chairman said Darren Aronofsky's film Noah is not being screened in Malaysia -- whose population is 60 percent Muslim -- to protect the harmony and sensitivity of the country's multiracial community.

China, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Russia are now known globally for their economic strength. But what about their cultures?