World leaders, who will visit Seoul for the G20 summit to be held in November, are likely to receive a very special gift from the presidential office at the end of the two-day session. A fancy book on Korean cuisine, tentatively titled “Nature of Korean Food by Kim Yoon-ok,” is part of the first lady’s pet project targeting foreign dignitaries that will be here.

South Korea's hosting of a G-20 economic summit in November will mark something of a turning point in the country's diplomacy traditionally focused on resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis and managing relations with four major regional powers...

The teacup diplomacy pioneered by Nancy Reagan and her Soviet counterpart, Raisa Gorbachev, in the mid ’80s, and formally reinstated as the “spouse’s program” in 2004 by Laura Bush, is archaic at a time political spouses are as professionally accomplished as their mates—and increasingly male.

“Senior diplomats and other officials representing G-20 countries used the social networking platform to collaborate in the months prior to the June 26-27 event so that when the Summit got under way, issues and perspectives were shared over a secure network,” said Tom Jenkins, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at Open Text.

June 29, 2010

The arrest of the ten deep cover agents of Russia at the end of the G-8 and G-20 summits carries with it a significance far beyond the immediate fact of the counterintelligence action. The Obama administration had just wound up a lengthy and complicated courting of President Medvedev of Russia in conjunction with an aggressive effort along the same line as Germany.

This weekend's G20 summit is shaping up as an economic clash of civilizations – or at least a clash of EU and US economic views.

In the eyes of the world’s emerging powers Canada is a global player with enormous economic and political influence, but among its old friends in the G8, Canada is a veritable lightweight.

The leaders of 20 of the world’s important economies are coming to town, and the residents of this good city are not in a welcoming mood. How could they be? A sign of the hassles ahead is the security fence that snakes for more than two miles around several downtown city blocks, where the G20 leaders will meet June 26-27.