Extremist use of the media and information environment to propagate views and garner international support comes under the microscope in Germany next month...experts from government, academia and industry will focus on the issue...

There is not much Germany can do about it but to continue being a peaceful and democratic country using its economic and ‘soft’ power to advance along its own interests the interests of the EU it now leads.

“So we are trying to find ways of moving forward in our economic, political and cultural relations,” said del Rosario, who visited Germany early this month. The country’s chief diplomat said Germany is an important trading partner and source of investments of the Philippines...

The tough times have seen Irish business rediscover Germany as an important trade partner. It is a given here to have access to and interest in Irish culture, thus cultural diplomacy can have a great reach. Ireland’s cultural chief...sees a need to give Germans a sense of Ireland’s contemporary cultural landscape, particularly as the debate over the future of Europe draws us closer together.

Many Europeans realize that their futures are being increasingly dictated by Germany and France...There is grumbling across the continent and an anti-German tone to street protests in Greece..."This crisis is profoundly transforming European integration" is time for Europe to adopt a different strategy toward Russia, its biggest and most important eastern neighbor. In practice, it means recognizing that Europe’s interests are best served by pursuing its values with soft-power instruments like trade and visa policy, as its relations with North Africa and the Middle East before the Arab Spring show.

After having won many hearts and minds in the Arab world, the Turkish prime minister continued to the Balkans and South Africa last week, presenting Turkey as a confident new player on the world stage. Read the international media coverage of these visits and you can see how big the impact is of this Turkish soft power offensive.

October 2, 2011

Most often, we concentrate on exchange of business, technology and know-how," says Peter Deubet, deputy director-general of the chamber of commerce. "However, we do promote cultural exchange between the two countries as well. There is more to Indo-German connections than automobiles and engineering.