In the realm of intercultural dialogue, too, equal rights for women and men must remain a top priority, Minister of State Cornelia Pieper urged on International Women’s Day.

In his inaugural address, the new Federal Foreign Minister promised the continuity in Germany’s successful foreign policy. He said it was “among the most valuable fixtures of German politics”. German foreign policy is most successful when it is carried out “side by side with our partners”, he continued.

March 31, 2009

This may turn out to be a footnote in the annals of public diplomacy, but it is an instructive one nonetheless. The Amerika Haus in Berlin, a symbol of U.S.-government public diplomacy throughout the Cold War, has been quietly resurrected by a German-American not-for-profit to serve as a venue for America-related events in the German capital.

August 27, 2006

USC Ph.D candidate Jade Miller explores soccer’s ability to unify and divide nations, and draws upon examples from this year’s World Cup tournament.

As a new member of the blog team, I'd like to note this report I recently published regarding the public diplomacy implications and opportunities surrounding the 2006 FIFA World Cup. A summary follows.