With classrooms of pupils from all corners of the globe, the Allee High School in Hamburg recognizes the importance of cultural understanding. In that vein, it's using the global environment to improve its own.

The scene from Treme instantly reminded me of the critical role of culture in the regeneration of a post-disaster community or locale. Whether the trauma is caused by a war, a natural disaster or an economic crisis, cultural outreach is a complementary tool to existing methodologies of social recuperation.

Everyone is an architecture critic. Why not? So many of the national pavilions at the Shanghai Expo are peacocks waiting to be admired — or not — and it would probably drive their creators nuts if everyone didn't have an opinion.

Germany is home to the biggest Turkish diaspora in the world, but when it comes to accepting and appreciating Turkish culture, many Germans still have reservations.

Talks are expected to focus on the German head of state's opposition to European Union membership for the predominantly Muslim country. Merkel favors a privileged partnership with the EU, while Turkey wants full membership.

South Korea and Germany have agreed to increase cooperation in research and development (R&D) projects, especially in the science and technology field, the South Korean government said Tuesday

The centre's mandate is to bring together scientists and industry from both countries to carry out R&D projects in a “2+2” collaborative arrangement.

While few see any evidence of an actual rivalry between the two sides, it's possible that the combined damage to the relationship caused by the 2003 Iraq War and then the global financial crisis in 2008 has altered the way the major players view each other.