For decades, the German-French relationship has been the most important one in the European Union. These days, however, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy can hardly stand each other. Why can't they just get along?

In Belarus, the most productive kind of political protest these days has less to do with flag-waving an chanting in public squares than with hoarse voices, heavy chords, and a dance-friendly rhythm.

Germany now deploys its diplomatic weight in Brussels but it has no vision for a global role, except through the European Union. Germany is still reticent when it comes to the unabashed declaration of national interest.

Not much is known about Korea in Germany. Most Germans know that the country is divided; they might even know what kimchi and taekwondo are but it does not usually go much further. Some young Germans want to know more.

A government-sponsored conference on Islam in Germany started on Monday, but it convened without two major organizations that represent the country's Muslims. The conference brings together politicians and representatives of the Muslim community to discuss integration.

Fourteen U.S. service members have received Germany's Gold Cross Medal for their bravery in extracting wounded German soldiers from a firefight in northeast Afghanistan -- the first time the award has been given to troops from another nation.

A German film show will open tonight at Ha Noi's National Cinema Centre kicking off a festival at five major Vietnamese cities. The festival is a first, celebrating the 35 years of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Germany.

A recent literary salon brought together an Indonesian writer and a German-Indonesian musician. Azhari is "the author of Aceh", while Tomi Simatupang builds a bridge between two worlds.