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One socially conscious company is making your emoji keyboard a little less perfect in an effort to tackle food waste. Hungry Harvest, a startup service that delivers "recovered produce" to consumers' doorsteps, has created a series of "ugly" fruit and vegetable emoji meant to get people thinking — and typing — about our preoccupation with aesthetically pleasing food.

September 27, 2016

A photo exhibition titled "Sustainable Living Space in the EU" is being presented by members of the EU delegation to Korea in Seoul and Busan Sept. 25 to Oct 12. [...] The event is part of the EU's global initiative — EU Climate Diplomacy Week — aiming to raise public awareness on climate issues.

The United Nations Global Pulse initiative on Friday announced a partnership with Twitter that will provide the United Nations with access to the platform's data tools to support efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders in September last year. [...] UN Global Pulse is an innovation initiative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that harnesses data science and analytics for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Real power in global governance requires intellectual input into the international financial and economic agenda, policies and rules — the effective exercise of ‘soft’ power. [...] The major substantial outcomes of the G20 to date, including updating international financial regulatory rules through Basel III and international tax cooperation on tax havens, have been mostly led by the Atlantic countries.

European powers are trying to develop better means for pre-emptively spotting "lone-wolf" militants from their online activities and are looking to Israeli-developed technologies, a senior EU security official said on Tuesday.

In 2016, NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) launched a policy paper competition “Peace and Security in the 21st Century - a youth perspective” for students from all Allied countries. The purpose of this initiative was to learn about the views and visions of young people on current security challenges.

Moshe Arens, a renowned Israeli politician and aeronautical engineer, received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his impact on Israel through diplomacy and dedicated public diplomacy efforts on behalf of the country.

How does Public Diplomacy engages a broad array of stakeholders to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?