global development

Global health diplomacy has been gaining importance and its negotiators need to be well-prepared. Some countries have added a full-time health attaché to their diplomatic staff, in recognition of the importance and complexity of global health deliberations. 

Iran has been hosting an annual “New Horizons conference,” which it established to address emerging global concerns [...] as a means to create “a relationship based on culture, diplomacy and revolution.”

President Paul Kagame has called on African nations to scale up investments in research to increase impact of science in development.The president was speaking at the opening session of the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) currently underway in Dakar, Senegal.

Maps provide the people who live in informal settlements, often for longer than they had envisioned, with tools to track down the resources they need, from doctors to Wi-Fi to mosques. And they enable humanitarian responders to provide recovery and relief. There are a growing number of ways to apply cartography to humanitarian and development missions. While some organizations develop new technology and launch new platforms, others are going back to basics, using pencil and paper. 

January 28, 2016

2015 showed that people working together can succeed in fighting corruption. Although corruption is still rife globally, more countries improved their scores in 2015 than declined. Some countries have improved in recent years – Greece, Senegal and the UK are among those that have seen a significant increase in scores since 2012.

The US Embassy building, which is estimated to be completed in 2018, would put forward the concept of green buildings equipped with the good technology of energy conservation and water management.

More than 1,000 Palestinian families took possession of new apartments Saturday as part of a large Qatari-funded housing project in the Gaza Strip. The units are the first batch of a 3,000-apartment complex that was announced when the former Qatari ruler, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, became the first head of state to visit Hamas-ruled Gaza in 2012.

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge will temporarily swap royal duties for an editor's chair to raise awareness of children's mental-health issues.