health diplomacy

The WA government has honoured the heroic actions of a Perth doctor by donating an ultrasound machine to his home country of Ghana. "This is a demonstration of the generosity of the people of Western Australia, and particularly the hospital, towards the people of Ghana. A machine like this is going to help address some of the health concerns we have," she said.

Increasing number of Indians add value to enhance Hong Kong’s tourism and also at times to strengthen academic ties and trade. [...] Today diplomatic ties between Hong Kong and India have promoted growth in sectors of investment finance, education, culture, shipping and trade. Health diplomacy has continued to be side-lined and little has been understood by Hong Kong’s immigration officers.

The Ebola virus is expected to be all but gone in Liberia, thanks in large part to the work of Cuban doctors in Africa.

Louder Than TB campaign image

Tara Ornstein analyzes a public diplomacy campaign to conquer TB.

Global health diplomacy has been gaining importance and its negotiators need to be well-prepared. Some countries have added a full-time health attaché to their diplomatic staff, in recognition of the importance and complexity of global health deliberations. 

MalariaSpot Bubbles is an educational tool to research how young students acquire skills through gaming. During World Malaria Day thousands of students will participate in "Olympic Malaria Videogames" playing MalariaSpot Bubbles, a video game that uses images of digitized blood samples. During this day school teams will compete to become the best virtual hunters of malaria parasites.

For the past three weeks, guided by faculty from Harvard University and the University of Antioquia, School of Medicine, 16 medical and public health students, eight from the U.S. and eight from Colombia, have been engaged in a health diplomacy exchange through a platform of experiential learning and problem-solving.

Open Hands Initiative (OHI) will host its 5th international people-to-people exchange to foster dialogue and goodwill between the U.S. and developing countries.