Mirror, Mirror (Explored)

R.S. Zaharna reflects on CPD's Top 10 PD Moments in 2015.

Israel closed the channel's studio in the Israeli Arab town of Nazareth within days of its June launch because it is funded by non-Israelis — the Palestinian self-rule government in the West Bank. [...] Hot-button issues like gender roles and identity conflicts are raised spontaneously by guests, said Fadi Zgairy, the evening show's host.

R.S. Zaharna, Photo property of CPD

Encouraging emerging PD scholars, contributing to the CPD Blog, and research for a book on public diplomacy and identity. 

Roger Kittleson, Brazil expert and Professor of History at Williams College, is interviewed by Bryony Inge about his new book; The Country of Football: Soccer and the Making of Modern Brazil. In this podcast he discusses the relationship between soccer and Brazilian identity, and whether the Brazilian government is likely to use sport as a tool to achieve its policy goals. 

When I first drove down to live in Cornwall more than 20 years ago, I was met by a graffiti message on a railway bridge near Truro: "Go home, English!" I should have taken it personally. I should have politely turned around to head back across the Tamar.

It was a good old-fashioned Olympic scandal in Sochi, when South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, known as “the Queen,” lost to a less experienced Russian. The judgment spurred millions of angry Tweets, and a petition protesting the result was the fastest growing one on site record—reportedly more than 1.2 million signatures in about 12 hours.