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The nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers is "an opening for further diplomatic endeavors" to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East, the German foreign minister said in Tehran Saturday.

The BBC has a fantastic radio documentary and magazine piece on the UK's leading digital diplomat Tom Fletcher (h/t @ukinaustralia). This critique of how US ambassadors attempt to influence online debates points to French Ambassador @GerardAraud as someone who 'does Twitter right'. Russia's game of trolls: how 'digi-kids' and anime is helping President Putin's fight for online supremacy.

More than 50 prominent Iranian dissidents, political reformers and other civil society activists have written an open letter to the people of the United States, urging them to lobby members of Congress to support the Iran nuclear deal.

Human rights defender Kouhyar Goudarzi says the fact that Iran stopped backing Hamas during nuclear talks should be reason enough for Israelis to support nuclear deal.

If Congress rejects the deal, we will project globally an America that is internally divided, unreliable, and dismissive of the views of those with whom we built Iran’s sanctions architecture in the first place. I and other American diplomats around the world draw every day on our nation’s soft power, which greatly enhances our ability to mobilize other countries to our side.

Dozens of high-profile Iranians, many of whom have been jailed in Iran for their political views, launched a video campaign calling on the American people to lobby Congress not to jeopardize the landmark nuclear agreement. 

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