The US debate over the so-called ground zero mosque in New York tracks similar fights that have taken place in European capitals in recent years over national identity and the impact of growing Muslim populations.

The beginning of Ramadan means millions of Muslims around the world begin praying and fasting from dawn to dusk. But for many non-Muslims, the fasting practice may be the extent of what they know about Islam's holy month. Author Vali Nasr explains that it's also a time of consumerism and "political skulduggery."

A "groundbreaking" new exhibition of rare artifacts from Saudi Arabia's ancient past -- some which have never been shown abroad -- has opened in the Louvre, Paris. The world-famous museum is hosting Roads of Arabia: Archaeology and History of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...

Education and inter-faith dialogue is the best way to remove Islamophobia, Professor Liyakat Takim has said. “Until today, many Americans think that Allah is a moon god and Muslims are required to kill non-Muslims, these misconceptions have to be corrected through proper education and Muslims need to reach out to non-Muslims,” McMaster University professor told the Mehr news agency.

Turkey has long been seen as a land bridge between East and West. For decades it has tried to impress Europe and to persuade Europe to let it join the European Union. In recent times, Turkey has been refurbishing its ties with countries that border it like Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

The future of Morocco's counterterrorism strategy may lie in Casablanca, but its past is even more important. Over the past two decades, under the direction of its late king Hassan II and his son, Mohammed VI, the former French and Spanish colony has erected a formidable "soft power" strategy by which to eradicate the intolerant Islamic ideals that have taken root in much of the rest of the region.

A new poll suggests a majority of Britons associate Islam with extremism and the repression of women, but one London-based Muslim organization has launched a public relations campaign to give the religion a new face.

Brunei's collection of Islamic art has the potential to attract the interest of the world providing that steps are taken to make it more accessible to the public, said a visiting arc historian yesterday. Exhibiting Islamic art, especially after the 9/11 tragedy, was seen as a way to promote mutual understanding and shed light on the beauty of the cultural aspect of Islam.