Two-thirds of French people want a law limiting the use of face-covering Islamic veils such as the niqab and the burqa, with only a minority backing the government's plan for a complete ban, a poll showed Saturday.

The two-day Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington from April 26 is regarded as a paradigm shift in the US President Barack Obama's leadership, says one of the three Malaysians invited to attend the summit. Dakhshinamoorthy Balakrishnan says Obama has taken the right move by giving presidential attention to a global force in democratising commerce, bringing Islamic and non-Islamic nations together under one roof.

Less talk about "Islamic radicalism" and a lot more about doing business. In the year since President Barack Obama pledged a new beginning in the relationship with the Muslim world, the White House has begun to change the U.S. focus.

OU students left the Taste of Islam culture and food Tuesday night at the Henderson-Tolson Cultural Center with a full stomach and a broader understanding of diversity in Islam. Approximately 150 students attended the annual Taste of Islam, which is hosted by the Muslim Student Association, as part of Islam Awareness Month.

Salman Ahmad, founder of South Asia’s most successful rock band Junoon, has been on a rock and roll jihad (struggle) ever since his first concert at 18 – a medical school talent show in Lahore, Pakistan. Eyes closed, emotions pumped, he was ripping through Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ on his guitar, mesmerized by the crowd’s screams, only to discover that the yelling was coming from a group of bearded students from a religious group outraged by music they considered un-Islamic.

DOHA, QATAR --- In the beginning, there was The Speech.

After that, there was the letdown.

Some early analyses of President Obama's historic address to the Muslim world in Cairo today have noted that some of Obama's professions of unity with the Muslim world merely echo words President Bush said after 9/11. The implication is that deeds, not words, matter.