What happens when governments lack the resources to immediately respond to a natural disaster? [...] companies have been able to serve as a critical and effective stopgap in the aftermath of black swans in nations where the suffering is real but the vulnerability is underestimated or even obscured.

Some of the Kingdom’s young people have joined a cultural exchange program that aims at giving them the opportunity to share and gain more practical knowledge [...] during the initial trips of the program, called “Direction Tour — Knowledge/Culture Exchange Program."

Public diplomacy is now one of the key tasks for diplomats around the world. And I think wearing one of the most iconic Vietnamese masterpieces like the Ao Dai will be more powerful than a million statements because it will convey a message that Italy and Vietnam are strongly connected.

Let's Get DiploDigital

CPD shared experiences of Digital Diplomacy with foreign ministries of Italy, UK, EU and Canada.

February 7, 2016

Europe and Iran have common interests in several areas. In light of their historical and traditional bilateral relations as well as other positive sources, such as the existence of complementary economies, mutually-beneficial cooperation in the fields of energy and technology [...] through both collective and bilateral mechanisms, it is possible to actively pursue the struggle against the important threats such as terrorism, violence, extremism, drug trafficking.

Organised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Assam, in association with the North East Writers’ Forum, with an aim to promote tourism as well as the rich literary tradition of the State, the three-day literary extravaganza will facilitate a cultural exchange and interaction among the writers of Italy and those of the region. A group of writers from Italy, including Sergio Scapagnini who is a well-known Italian film producer, are here to attend the festival.

Italy has called on China to contribute more to the fight against terrorism and help stabilise the Middle East and Northern Africa, as the world’s number two economy shows an increasing interest and exposure in the region, its ambassador to Beijing says.

November 16, 2015

These events go beyond the message of a concert, they promote contacts, and dialogue. It is the expression of a soft power helping relations at all levels.