Kazakhstan's participation in Expo Milan 2015 is strategically important to promote international participation in Expo Astana 2017.

Christine Garcia-Concheso explains why Brazil took a non-traditional approach in Expo Milan 2015

Away from the xenophobic hysteria aimed at desperate immigrants are people taking steps to help newcomers and promote the good things they bring. [...] But on a local level, there are thousands of people across the continent who are braving the vitriol of their peers, and filling the void left by the politicians.

China is utilizing its soft power assets to support its nation brand and win friends abroad. 

In this two-month series produced by CPD, we examine how countries define, communicate, and manage their national identity at Expo Milan 2015.

The China-proposed “Belt and Road” initiative has moved the first concrete steps in Italy, whose authorities and experts see a range of win-win opportunities for both countries. 

Ambassador of China to Italy Li Ruiyu highlighted the most recent example of fruitful bilateral exchange, the Expo Milano 2015, which since its opening on May 1 has hosted a series of important Chinese events, from the China National Day to the Beijing Week, Shanghai Week and many other activities organized by different regions of China.

Young Chinese chefs will be learning Italian traditions and recipes from Italian Gambero Rosso culinary experts. Culture and food diplomacy will be showcased at Expo Milano 2015 after five agreements signed by the two countries for culture and creative industries.