Praying in Indonesia

More from the MPD Indonesia delegation, this time on faith diplomacy.

An Indonesia family waits for food from the U.S. Navy and IOM.

Listening with the International Organization for Migration in Jakarta.

The MPD delegation in Indonesia

The first in a series of blog posts from the MPD delegation in Indonesia.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has appealed to all diplomats to act like salespeople. During his election campaign he also outlined his vision, focusing on people’s economic welfare, in particular in rural development, agriculture, fisheries, marine resource development and infrastructure.

The fact that President Jokowi chose a career diplomat was no surprise. But eyebrows were raised when Retno LP Marsudi’s name topped the shortlist of candidates in the week prior to the Cabinet announcement.

Indonesia was gripped by election fever over recent months, with talk of the impending election of a new president on the population’s lips. Unsurprising, since this person will lead the world's third largest democracy and a rising power closely watched internationally.

President Joko Widodo shakes hands during the election.

The time is right for Indonesia's President to strengthen his country's image and policies.

Jakarta was the final stop of the deputy defense secretary's weeklong trip to Asia, which included visits to defense and government officials in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Speaking as part of an international panel at the third Jakarta International Defense Dialogue, or JIDD, Carter said the United States is serious about its commitment to the region and detailed elements now in motion of a rebalance called for in the department's 2012 Defense Strategic Guidance.