US authorities and Internet giants are boosting attempts to counter the Islamic State group’s online propaganda, though it is unclear how effective these efforts are in hampering the jihadists’ public-relations machine.

Ali Fisher on ISIS' social media savvy.

As ISIS make gains in Iraq and declare an Islamic caliphate, media activists embedded along the front lines and their global support networks, the media mujahedeen, valorize their achievements in HD video and Hollywood film style posters which are distributed via social media. 


How public diplomats can counter the online presence of media mujahedeen.

#you_tried. A jihadist Twitter account tried to solicit suggestions from the al Qaeda community Wednesday by creating the hashtag #اقتراحك_لتطوير_الإعلام_الجهادي, which roughly translates to #Suggestions_to_develop_Jihadist_media, according to a linguist fluent in Arabic who translated it for Business Insider.