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NPR, USA Today and NBC publish immersive content produced by the CPD + JOVRNALISM team that traveled to South Korea during the PyeongChang Olympics.

Bringing the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang to you through immersive technology.

The Korea Foundation grant will fund several programs examining Korea's sports diplomacy and more.

South Korea is one of the key Asian nations that Kenya has been keen to build robust relations with. Over the years, the Kenya-Korea relations have been growing. In the years between 2010 and 2012, a Korean Studies project was deliberated upon by the University of Nairobi, the Korean Foundation, the embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kenya  which was to put the two countries relations on another level.

For decades, public diplomacy has been deemed a long shot in Korea’s statecraft, focusing heavily on shoring up the economy and expanding cooperation with other governments. [...] With the Korea Foundation at the forefront, the country supports Korean studies abroad, cultural events, academic and people-to-people exchanges, overseas publications and other programs. 

As the double barrels of hard power are increasingly regulated by intergovernmental agencies, nations are expanding their influence through the more pacific work of cultural promotion, and at the forefront of promoting Korean culture is the former diplomat Lee Si-hyung. When Lee was appointed the new president of the Korea Foundation last month, tasked with promoting the national brand overseas.

A delegation of young Chinese public officials is visiting South Korea at the invitation of the Korea Foundation to seek exchanges with South Korean municipal governments, the foundation said Tuesday.

Ambassadors or their spouses from 28 countries have each read a book from their country to Korean children for about 30 minutes at the gallery's seminar room. [...] "Ambassadors or their spouses read out a book in their language so children learn about the language of each country..."