There are two Latin American festivals going on – can you guess where they are? Neither of these festivals are located in Latin America, or even in the United States. Do you give up? The first festival is in its fourth year and takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the second festival is in its sixth year and is happening right now in Seoul, South Korea.

The USA Pavilion 2012 Student Ambassadors represent the hopeful and determined spirit of the American people," said USA Pavilion Chief Spokesperson Philippe Cousteau. "Together their unique perspectives and experiences will help bring the United States alive for visitors from Korea and around the globe.

Taken as a whole, one can surmise that despite acknowledging the 'Asian Century' we are not properly prepared for it. Our recent leaders faced and continue to face obstacles to their soft power producing real world positive results.

Pakistan-Korea cultural links are founded on a cultural agreement signed in 2006 which will be renewed during a high-level visit. The agreement provides for the promotion of cultural exchanges, photographic exhibitions and exchanges of art and artifacts.

The February issue of PDiN Monitor focuses on The Future of Public Diplomacy and will introduce a new structure for CPD's regular analysis of public diplomacy in the news. Beginning this month, CPD will graph overall trends in public diplomacy news aggregated daily in PDiN.

The flurry of attention that the girl bands Girl’s Generation and Wonder Girls got in South Korea for making appearances in the U.S. earlier this month suggested that Korea’s pop culture was cracking the U.S. more than it really is.

The survey, co-conducted by the Presidential Council on Nation Branding and Samsung Economic Research Institute, showed that the country’s national brand in image still lags behind substance. But the gap between the two has narrowed...

PCNB Chairwoman Lee Bae-yong and other culture experts have co-authored a new collection of essays titled “Brand Korea: Discover Korean Culture” on Korea’s cultural strengths, with a focus on Korea’s traditional arts, humanities, historical figures...