Forget the kimchi, the bulgogi and the colourful silk dresses: the Marianopolis Korean Club is washing clichés away on Saturday and replacing them with South Korean popular culture - better known as K-pop - at a showcase revue that includes Korean singing, rapping and dance performances. The event is called Hallyu3: The Trend.

The Korea Furniture Museum, which hosted luncheon for spouses of G20 leaders during the G20 Seoul Summit in November, launched an academic program on Tuesday for spouses of foreign ambassadors to Korea and expat CEOs to help them discover traditional Korean heritage.

What does France have that South Korea doesn't? The Eiffel Tower, for one thing. It's the type of national icon that public relations and marketing experts in the East Asian country dream of having. But this is a nation more known for angry street demonstrations and the nerve-rattling conflicts with North Korea than any countrywide icon.

Amid the changing diplomatic landscape in the second decade of the 21st century, ambassadors and chiefs of foreign missions are increasingly requested to wear many hats. They are asked to redefine their roles to be responsible for directing and coordinating all human and diplomatic capital in their countries, going beyond their traditional role of mainly managing bilateral ties.

A Vietnamese speaking contest and cultural exchange programme for students in the Republic of Korea (RoK) was held in the port city of Busan on November 27.

The World Peace Forum, a Seoul-based private research institute, hosted an international workshop to exchange expert views on enhancing peace in the world as well as on the Korean Peninsula on Wednesday in Seoul.

Former Ewha Womans University President Lee Bae-yong on Tuesday was named the new chair of the Presidential Council on Nation Branding. The 63-year-old former aide to President Lee Myung-bak was appointed to the minister-level post to replace Euh Yoon-dae, who had to leave the post after becoming chairman of KB Financial Group Inc. in June.

This article is the second part of a two-part series based on our discussions and exchanges with Martin Roll, business and brand strategist... the second part focuses on National Branding and the role Koreans and expatriates can play in this process.