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Q&A Discussion: Ma Ying-jeou and Willow Bay

December 7, 2017

Watch a Q&A with the former President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), moderated by USC Annenberg Dean Willow Bay.

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CPD Blogger Gary D. Rawnsley looks at Taiwan's international communications strategy.

The leaders of China and Taiwan meet Saturday in Singapore for the first time since the two sides clashed in a civil war seven decades ago, in a carefully managed encounter that caps eight years of improved economic ties.

Taiwan’s Diabolo Dance Theatre will perform in Latin America to promote the nation’s soft power and public diplomacy, according to the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aug. 29....Yang added that MOFA has been selecting renowned local art groups to perform abroad in recent years to implement President Ma Ying-jeou’s cultural diplomacy.

Public diplomacy can be implemented as a cluster of measures that are more productive than the confrontational steps such as “checkbook diplomacy,” in which Taipei and Beijing competed for formal diplomatic partners.

President Ma Ying-jeou returns to Taiwan today after concluding his first Africa visit to three diplomatic allies, where he downgraded his state visits

President Ma Ying-jeou has successfully added a new dimension to his state visit to African allies with “sport diplomacy” that will further cement bilateral relationships..While in The Gambia, President Ma faced down another sports challenge...leading Taiwan past The Gambia 4-3 in a soccer penalty kick shootout at a local junior high school built with financial aid from Taiwan.