Taiwan's Public Diplomacy Under Former President Ma Ying-jeou

CPD Blog Contributor Gary D. Rawnsley recently published an article on Taiwan's public diplomacy under Former President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou's administration.

The article, "Soft Power Rich, Public Diplomacy Poor: An Assessment of Taiwan’s External Communications," looks at how actions such as dissolving Taiwan's Government Information Office have impacted the country's global communications strategy.

Inspired by an American diplomat who commented, “Taiwan has grown into a society that represents most of our important values that we try to promote elsewhere in the world,” Rawnsley sought to answer the following question: "if the American diplomat...is correct to correlate Taiwan’s values with those of other liberal democracies, especially the U.S., why is Taiwan still unable to connect with international audiences?"

The full article was published in The China Quarterly and is available online at the Cambridge University Press website.


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