Your Favorites: November Edition

As the next round of holidays approaches and we say goodbye to the month of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, enjoy some of our top November content, according to our readers:


6. Meet the 2017-2019 CPD Research Fellows

Our three newest research fellows from Australia, the U.S. and Switzerland bring projects on China-Pakistan relations, Middle East attitudes towards western foreign policy, and enhanced evaluation of country images.



5. Valuing Public Diplomacy

U.S. Advisory Commission's Shawn Powers on why the United States' public diplomacy budget needs more attention.



4. Public Diplomacy from the Heartland

CPD partnered with Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma to discuss what public diplomacy looks like from the vantage point of Middle America.



3. Russian Disinformation and U.S. Public Diplomacy

A look at some of the tactics the United States can use to respond to disinformation in the 21st century.



2. Part I: Trump's Big Fail (So Far) at the BBG/VOA

In Part I of a two-part series, Dan Robinson looks at recent events involving the Broadcasting Board of Governors' oversight of Voice of America.



1. Conversation with Ma Ying-jeou, Former President of Taiwan

CPD was pleased to host Dr. Ma Ying-jeou for a conversation on cross-strait relations and the vital role of commerce, exchanges and tourism in forging new relationships between mainland China and Taiwan.


Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by Element5Digital I CC0, Image is CPD's own, Photo by geralt I CC0, Image courtesy of iStock, Photo by Jürg Vollmer I CC BY-SA 3.0, Photo by Tim Mossholder I CC0, Image courtesy of Ma Ying-jeou


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