The Malaysian embassy in Santiago has embarked on a Public Diplomacy Programme with a group of high school students [...] in an effort to further promote Malaysia, specifically in the region. Malaysian Ambassador to Chile, Datuk Dr Mohamad Rameez Yahaya, said that during the programme, the students got to know Malaysia better through video shows on tourism in Malaysia 

The heads of missions of five Asean countries based in Dubai met in a networking event for the first time with leaders of their communities on Monday to discuss future areas of collaboration [...] “As a community, you need really to have a very good people-to-people interaction. What’s more important is this is our first public diplomacy programme by all the Asean consuls” Yousuf said.

Back in 2012, the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak set up a department tasked with building the Malaysia nation brand. [...] We did offer up plenty of ideas, one of which was that the Malaysian singer-entertainer, Yuna, should be the face of any Malaysia nation branding initiative.

Art has always been a great way to connect people from different countries and cultures. [...] It transcends borders, language, race, and cultures. The past week was a testament to that as 13 Filipino artists visited Malaysia through ArtDialogo, an initiative that proves to be the beginning of yet another opportunity for cultural exchange in the Southeast Asian region.

The exhibition, Very Image, features the work of Taiwanese artists from Taipei-based artists’ collective VT Artsalon. Founded in 2009, the group positions itself as both a fostering ground for Taiwanese artists and an international connector with a view towards the global art stage, hosting a number of international exchanges and residencies.

A year after the State Department opened a data center in the Middle East aimed at countering Islamic State’s online messaging, the U.S. plans to inaugurate a similar outpost in Malaysia in coming months. Like its counterpart in the United Arab Emirates, the new center will seek to undermine the terrorist group’s digital recruitment and propaganda efforts

Iran is seeking to forge ties between its top universities and those in the Philippines through “scientific diplomacy” that the Middle East country believes will facilitate the exchange and development of scientific knowledge between the two countries.