media diplomacy

After working as a war cameraman for 18 years, getting injured twice along the way, Egyptian journalist Ibrahim al Batout decided to get away from the real-life violence and make movies.  But his latest venture "El Ott" or "The Cat", which premiered this week at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, does not shy away from blood.

“It is only when we contest (ISIS') presence online, deny the legitimacy of the message it sends to vulnerable young people and expose (ISIS) for the un-Islamic cult of violence it really is ... that (ISIS) will truly be defeated,” Allen said.

Activists in other countries who led their own Arab Spring movements said they were “jealous” of Tunisians Sunday. “We voted in Egypt but we lost our Arab Spring,” said Khaled Mansour, a student in Alexandria who took part in the 2011 protests.

The first and only Chinese-Turkish television channel CTV has begun broadcasting films, documentaries and Chinese cultural and traditional programs to promote Chinese economy, tradition and popular culture.

Tunisia said on Tuesday it broke up the media arm of Islamist militant group "Ansar al-Shariah," which is also active in the neighboring Libya and is suspected behind the 2012 killing of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.

It's India-Pakistan diplomacy with a difference: two groups of students, one in Bangalore and one in Islamabad, talking fashion, film and politics over homemade curry and steaks.  By dining together over Skype calls, the students might knock down the cultural and political barriers that divide them.

When the latest Gaza war broke out in July, there was a parallel conflict taking place in the global media. Myths and propaganda made their way into mainstream coverage and distorted the already conflicting, and highly contentious narratives.

Last weekend, the paradisiac island of Rhodes, Greece played host to the most recent debates on the budding ‘information war’ between Russia and the United States. The United States has traditionally invested enormous funds in perpetuating its ‘soft power’ abroad, particularly in the former territory of the USSR .