media diplomacy

To develop cultural understanding between the U.S. and Russia, the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation (ARCCF) and American University’s Initiative for Russian Culture (IRC) seek to connect the next generation of American diplomats to the versatility and richness of Russian art, literature, film, language, and history.

Madam Secretary gives me flashbacks to the public diplomacy campaigns we drew up in school, as its fictional storylines follow the sort of programs we’d draft and questions we’d examine in class: How do you encourage democracy in this country? How do you encourage peace between different ethnic groups in a region? 

A Foreign Ministry spokesman's criticism of the international media coverage of terror attacks in Israel was "inappropriate," the Foreign Press Association said Wednesday.

With their increasing popularity in as many as 40 countries, Turkey’s TV dramas are proving to be economically crucial and an indisputable soft power tool. Just ask the fans of Tuba Büyüküstün, an actress popular in Dubai, Moscow and Monte-Carlo

The battle against the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) is not only military but ideological, Syrian Kurdish cartoonist Dijwar Ibrahim tells Al-Shorfa.  In an exhibition held October 12th-22nd in Iraq's Kurdish region of Erbil, Ibrahim addresses the issue with a selection of cartoons and caricatures.

This week's headlines highlighted media such as film, photography, and gaming as a powerful tool to reach international audiences.

Films are not only pieces of creative expression, they are also tools of communication and awareness raising, and a way of calling for social change.  The burgeoning African film industry is also a major economic driver.

A new computer game developed in Gaza, “The Liberation of Palestine,” invites players to liberate Palestine by all means at their disposal, including force.