media relations

Constraints notwithstanding, a group of 10 Palestinian officials attended a weeklong workshop on “Communication Skills & Media Relations for Diplomacy” this week in Turin, Italy to craft skills for engaging with all manner of media.

Thank You Tour 2016, by Michael Vadon

Examining Trump's recent controversies to understand the Presidency in the coming months.

Polio vaccination

For World Immunization Week: UNDP's Stanislav Saling's case study of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Enter The Associated Press (AP). Its recent deal with the KCNA to open a bureau in North Korea...has put the spotlight on the AP’s much-vaunted credibility as an independent, credible news source. Given the stakes of the event as a template for future cultural diplomacy with the DPRK, we here at SinoNK think it is both appropriate and worthy of all the attention.

A senior Chinese diplomat in a meeting with an Iranian media delegation headed by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast stressed the necessity for the further development of media relations between the two countries.

Contributing to a session on promoting Inter Agency Coordination and Articulation of Kenya’s Foreign Policy, which focused on among other things review of the Ministry’s working methods, many of the speakers pointed the need for constant and dissemination of correct information on the Government’s position on international issues to depict an accurate picture about the country.

It's not size of your sports diplomacy that matters, it's what you do with it. This is why we can all learn a lesson from Sarandon, who at 64 has lost neither her looks nor her charm, when she informs the audience today that she is "a ping-pong propagandist" - while flashing a beautiful smile.