The colorful filmmaker aims to build a solid relationship between filmmakers and other cultural agents in both Morocco and India. He has participated in several film festivals, including the Festival International Du Cinema D’auteur De Rabat, which took place last week in Rabat, as part of an effort in “parallel diplomacy."

Safa Hajjaj is on her way home to Morocco, having come to the US in September 2014 as an Atlas Corps fellow at the Meridian International Center in Washington, DC. Dedicated to addressing critical social issues, Atlas Corps, according to its website, "develops leaders, strengthens organizations and promotes innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled professionals."

The assignments arrive on slips of paper, each bearing the black flag of the Islamic State, the seal of the terrorist group's media emir, and the site of that day's shoot.His footage quickly found a global audience, released online in an Islamic State video that spread on social media and appeared in mainstream news coverage on Al Jazeera and other networks.

French President Francois Hollande is arriving in Morocco for a two-day visit aimed at strengthening cooperation against terrorism and boosting economic partnership with the former colony that counts France as its leading foreign investor.

...[In] addition to these anti-terrorism measures that are also generally seen in other countries, Morocco started its unique reform in the religious field, namely, the education of Imams. The objective of this reform is to prevent the youth from developing a false “sympathy”  toward extremism; if Imams preach moderate Islam in all mosques in Morocco, then young Moroccans will understand that the “sympathy” directed toward the Islam of extremists is wrong and that moderate Islam is the correct path.

The Embassies Festival, organized by ESCU Association, under the auspices of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, celebrated world cultural diplomacy with the slogan “Open Your Culture.” The Embassy of Morocco in Bucharest took part, highlighting Morocco’s exotic tourist attractions and various aspects of Morocco’s culture and handicrafts.

Amid the political volatility and ideological chaos, one country that has stood out as a beacon of of peace, stability and modernity is the low-profile nation of Morocco, wedged at the crosscurrents of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

This new article by Natalia Grinchev assess the impact that museums can have on public diplomacy programming, social change and even organizational leadership.