“Public Diplomacy” trophy, given by Moroccan French-speaking magazine “Diplomatica,” was awarded to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The award...represents a support to peace initiatives, coexistence and dialogue, with the aim of achieving independence in a climate of fair and comprehensive peace.

In Morocco, I have come to experience India through two main elements: Bollywood movies and sari fabrics. Looking back at college, I remember borrowing an Indian movie DVD titled, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai from one of my friends... Watching Indian movies was a popular entertainment...

We continue to voice support for Morocco’s reforms, and their implementation, through domestic and foreign press outlets. We use public diplomacy programs to promote dialogue, engage Morocco’s vibrant civil society, encourage a responsible media, and increase understanding of democratic values.

Spain is closer to the Arab world than any other European country, but it has no better response than the rest of the EU.

Cooking classes are increasingly popular among travelers to Morocco, offering a chance to work with local cooks on delicacies from one of the world's great cuisines, creating delicately spiced tajines, hearty couscous or perfumed date and honey pastries.

Bilateral relations between Morocco and Viet Nam have been going on since the opening of embassies in Rabat and Ha Noi.

[Secretary General of Morocco's Assilah Forum Mohamed Bin Issa] also hailed the openness of UAE to the cultures of the world and cited the literary and cultural prizes such as Sheikh Zayed Book Award launched by the UAE, as a telling example in this regard.

As guest of honour at Morocco's Assilah Festival, the UAE is making the most of the opportunity to showcase its artists