Officials from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia working on higher education reform will exchange experiences with Malaysian counterparts at a 4-day workshop beginning today, supported by the World Bank and the British Council Malaysia.

Morocco and Indonesia have enjoyed cordial relations for more than five decades. There is no need for a visa if an Indonesian citizen wants to visit the North African nation. Yet a lack of awareness about the economic potential of both countries remained a hurdle in boosting bilateral ties, Morocco’s man in Jakarta has said.

Participants at the First Meeting on Public Diplomacy, organized by the Moroccan Association for Development and Parallel Diplomacy (AMADIP) in Rabat on July 27 and 28, stressed the need to unify visions and efforts of public diplomacy actors and have a proactive approach to diplomacy instead of a seasonal and folkloric one.

The event was hosted by China's Confucius Institute in Morocco. It's the second time the Chinese bridge competition has taken place here. On Saturday 26 contestants from across the country took part -- and their ages ranged from 14 to 62 years old Tkassit Abdullah. The theme of composition this year is "China and I".

The Empowering Women and Girls Through Sports Initiative builds on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s vision of “smart power,” which embraces the use of a full range of diplomatic tools – in this case, the game of soccer – to bring people together and foster understanding.

“Public Diplomacy” trophy, given by Moroccan French-speaking magazine “Diplomatica,” was awarded to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The award...represents a support to peace initiatives, coexistence and dialogue, with the aim of achieving independence in a climate of fair and comprehensive peace.