Waking Up With Sam Harris #69 - The Russia Connection (with Anne Applebaum)

An interview with Anne Applebaum about disinformation, soft power, and Russia.

Faryade Zan 143Band Paradise&Diverse

Afghanistan's first female rapper uses her lyrics to expose violence against women.

How a couple of choreographers crowdsourced a flashmob to rally voters.

La Yekthar Show: Episode 14 برنامج لا يكثر: الحلقة الرابعة عشر

How a Saudi comedian is promoting the country to YouTube audiences even as he criticizes it.

THE GLOBAL VOTE #maketheworldwork | | @simonanholt

September 14, 2016

A new online platform designed to "give the world a voice."

Video Trailer - Liberian Girl by Diana Nneka Atuona

Liberian Girl, a new play that opened last month at the Royal Court Theatre in London, tells the dark and troubled story of one girl's horrific experiences during the Liberian Civil War. 

August 12, 2014
July 8, 2014