In the world of vicious US/NATO power play, China, Russia, of course, other old targets such as Cuba, DPRK, Iran, Venezuela, too, won't be left out unharmed or free from the aggressors' ongoing "soft power" strategies through so-called "Jasmine Revolutions" or any other form of "cultural indoctrinations"...

In his opening remarks, Ambassador of Romania to Azerbaijan Nicolae Ureche said the round table had significant importance for public diplomacy. He said the public community should be informed about the missions and commitments of the North Atlantic alliance in details.

The blistering farewell speech to NATO by U.S. defense secretary Robert Gates warning of a "dim, if not dismal" future for the Alliance drew the Western public's attention to a longstanding debate about the state of the transatlantic relationship, with prominent commenters voicing concern about much more than just a two-tiered defensive alliance.

The alliance has grappled with diverging internal views over whether NATO should be an instrument of "hard" combat missions—generally the U.S. view—or the preference among some in Europe for "soft" power, like "humanitarian, development, peacekeeping, and talking tasks," as Gates put it.

Gates... spoke of NATO turning into a “two-tiered alliance” where the very few... take on the “hard power” combat assignments. Meanwhile, a majority limits itself to “soft power” work such as delivering humanitarian and development aid and, at most, to participating in peacekeeping missions.

Pakistani Parliamentary delegation has urged NATO to revisit their policies towards Afghanistan and should hold dialogue with all factions of Taliban to achieve lasting peace. According to NATO spokesman Pakistani delegation met with high level NATO officials from the public diplomacy, political affairs and security policy.

The crisis in Libya was full of lessons for all sides involved. Turkey understood that it does not have the power to act without the European Union or the United States; and Europe understood that without Turkey it is unable to conduct effective politics in some regions.

At the beginning of the year, few would have predicted that Britain and the United States would be involved in another military intervention. Britain, the United States and European nations were – and still are- cutting their defence budgets.