Co-author: Andras Simonyi

Budapest, Hungary -- In the run-up to the NATO summit Nov. 19 in Lisbon, the transatlantic community must confront not just the burning issues it faces (from Afghanistan to Russia), but the way free nations can and should wield their power for global progress.

Turkey is at a crossroads: Its economy is booming, and the Turkish economic miracle is the direct result of the current government’s willingness to foster domestic entrepreneurship and do whatever is necessary to integrate the country into the twenty-first century’s global economy.

Supported by NTM-A advisors, Afghan forces have established a basic, but rapidly growing, communication capability. During the course of the last twelve months they have more than tripled their number of trained Public Affairs Officers - from fifty-five to over two hundred...

NATO has come to understand how important a modern and responsive public diplomacy strategy is for the organization. They have grasped that NATO’s image, for good or for worse, rests in their own hands. Ultimately, however, a strong and positive brand can never be constructed through slogans and logos alone.

Romania further contributed to the development of dialogue and cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO, by providing a better understanding of the role and opportunities...

Ukraine demonstrates a desire to further deepen cooperation with NATO, despite a temporary withdrawal of the question of membership in NATO from the agenda...under this program about 300 events are planned for 2010, among them - military doctrine and defense reform.

A top official of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Thursday vowed to broaden relationship with Pakistan and not limit it to military cooperation alone. He said that there is need to cooperate in public diplomacy so that Pakistan can be informed by NATO's changes.

Russia's ambassador to NATO has criticized the bloc's latest strategic concept, saying it contains mixed messages on Moscow. The diplomat says the West still can't decide whether Russia is an ally, a friend, or a threat.