May 8, 2010

"At a time when Nepal is passing through a difficult phase, it is insensitive of the diplomats to favour the Maoists," a senior-level Nepali Congress politician said on condition of anonymity. " is not for the Europeans to save the Maoists' face," he said.

Although the issue of anti-Indianism in Nepal exists prominently, it has not received proper attention of scholars and politicians in either Nepal or India. In Nepal it has become a fashion to blame anti-Indianism on Panchayat (1962-1992), where as the Indians see it as China’s growing influence (and interference) in Nepali politics.

April 20, 2010

Yoga is fast becoming a major trend in urban Nepal through Indian TV, in particular lifestyle and holistic health programs, along with things like yoga instruction CDs and video tapes that effectively carry the methods and philosophies into the cities.

As Shanghai Expo 2010 is a global stage on which countries from all over the world scramble to display best of their latest achievement, Nepal also finds it an opportunity to show developments achieved so far.