June 14, 2016

Geographical complexities with Tibet and political complexities with India are the major factors affecting Nepal’s ‘transit diplomacy’ through which it hopes to attain prosperity. Besides the geography hypothesis and the culture hypothesis, inclusive economic institutions at home are essential for not just generating prosperity but also for simplifying geopolitical complexities.


Several miles away, a flashier Pyongyang A Ri Rang Restaurant on soi (alley) 26 of Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road also offers food, but with the added fun of karaoke, a live floor show and tours of North Korea.

May 15, 2016

Beijing has begun to practice what can perhaps be termed the "Offer Diplomacy" even with its neighboring countries: Buy one, get one free; and buy now, pay later

May 6, 2016

China understands Indian sensitivity in Nepal and counsels Kathmandu "to be friendly with India without being hostile to China". As a country that has enduring strategic importance to its neighbors, the real test of Nepal's foreign policy is to maintain balanced diplomacy with full recognition of ground realities...

One concerning aspect of China’s rising prominence is its troublesome relations with its neighbours. It has fought both real and legal battles on territorial and ideological grounds on several fronts including in India, Vietnam and on the Korean peninsula in the past [...] But one break in this pattern is the country’s long-standing relationship with Nepal.

Prince Harry paid tribute to the resilience of the people of Nepal in recovering from last year's devastating earthquakes, before visiting destroyed cultural sites on his first visit to the Himalayan nation. Speaking Saturday in the capital, Kathmandu, at a government reception to mark the start of his five-day visit, the prince told assembled dignitaries he had long wanted to visit the country.

In this week's roundup, culture maintains its central role in public diplomacy

French Ambassador Yves Carmona announced in a press conference today the participation of two Nepali restaurants in the Gout de France/Good France event celebrating French gastronomy. “Diplomacy, at all times, has been more effective around a good meal accompanied with fine wines; that creates a more conducive atmosphere for tough discussion,” said Carmona.