Stating that CIKU has been playing an essential role in cultural exchanges and people to people relations by bridging the language barrier, Liang said that Nepalese people have been showing immense enthusiasm to learn the language as a result of which Chinese language has been included in the curriculum of many colleges in Nepal.

Nepal shares an intimate relationship with India. Both the countries have a strong cultural, historical, economical, social and political bond. Despite these robust ties, there have been instances where the bilateral links have been broken and difficult to repair. The recent diplomatic outburst by one of the Indian diplomats has raised serious concern. The untoward remark made by S.D.Mehta, the Indian consular based in Birjung has sent a squall of reactions all over Nepal.

December 27, 2011

China has broadened its engagement in Nepal, both at political and institutional levels. It has also initiated Track-II diplomacy with Nepal and invited Nepalis scholars to visit Chinese think tanks. Besides, China is promoting China Study Centres (CSCs) in Kathmandu.

December 23, 2011

As a Nepali diplomat who pushed 'cultural diplomacy' during my assignments in the US and UK I felt I was just continuing on with my work, making musical connections with a Nepal of 50 years ago.What was surprising to me was how the volunteers still remembered the songs...

Selling Nepal as a wedding destination for gay couples, many of whom live in countries where same-sex marriage is illegal, has been widely embraced by the entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, a once thriving industry that was dealt a severe blow during the decade-long Maoist insurgency that claimed the lives of 16,000 people.

Hu Yuandong of UNIDO...says the focus of the project is job creation, poverty alleviation and environmental protection. Xiao has made clear that the $3bn investment is not coming from the Chinese government, but rather from various funds "around the world" - even from the Middle East. But it would be difficult not to see this as a smart move by China and an extension of its soft power.

April 19, 2011

External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna is starting a three-day official visit to Nepal from 20 April 2011. His visit comes at a time when Nepal is passing through political and economic uncertainties. The deadline for the drafting of the constitution is drawing nearer and the exercise has to be completed within the next forty days.

Indian diplomacy is set to make friends and woo youngsters by joining the social networking platform. The latest entrant to join Facebook is the Indian embassy in Kathmandu, one of the biggest Indian missions abroad...