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A first of its kind international Women tech entrepreneurship conference was held in Israel last week, as a group of female tech bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the world were invited for a one-week trip to explore the 'Startup Nation'.

The future of Twitter is really the future of the global town square—an answer to the question of whether social media can really offer a friction-less, unfiltered forum for real-time conversation across countries and cultures, or whether those conversations will increasingly occur less visibly and more narrowly. 

The March 2015 edition of Bruce Gregory's public diplomacy reading list is now available. 

Every year Bill and Melinda Gates write an annual letter, laying out a strategy for eliminating poverty and suffering in the world. Here it is for 2015. These letters are a big event for a lot of reasons: They are smart, brief, readable and backed by a huge chunk of cash. This makes them one of the most widely read influential documents on international development every year. All the more reason to take a critical look and discuss.

The latest edition of Bruce Gregory's periodic public diplomacy reading list is out now. Known affectionately at CPD as "Bruce's List," it is a compilation of books, journal articles, papers, and blogs on a wide variety of PD topics, and features a number of CPD scholars. Highlights in this edition include:

This week in Public Diplomacy, the use of new media and technologies dominated the global dialogue.